Texas Action Network (TexAN)

The Texas Action Network (TexAN) uses e-mail to put YOU in touch with the President, national and state legislators and other elected officials and decision-makers when they're considering proposals that affect Texas environmental quality. All you need to join is an email address.  TexAN 's coalition of conservation organizations will target issues and design "action alerts" (see more on the TexAN coalition)   Your responses will be sent as personalized faxes directly to key decision-makers just as they're making their decisions.

Join the Texas Action Network (TexAN)

TexAN is a simple, FREE tool to help get your voice heard. Here's how it works:

  1. As a TexAN member, you'll receive one to four action alert e-mails each month. The alerts include background facts on an issue and a sample letter from you to a key decision-maker.
  2. Using the facts and your own experience, you'll develop a personal message.
  3. You'll edit the sample letter to include this message.
  4. You'll email the edited letter back to "sender." Our system will automatically convert your email to a fax letter.
  5. The targeted decision-maker will receive your fax letter within seconds of your clicking "send."

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