West Texas Radioactive Waste
     by Walt Perryman

Some politicians want to dispose of more low-level radioactive waste.
If it gets into our West Texas ground water, I wonder how it will taste.

These politicians have worked hard to earn our West Texas trust.
Where will they be if the cement crumbles and the drums turn to rust?

The first big reason they are doing this, and we know it to be true:
It is something big business and politicians like to call "revenue".

This next reason to dispose of it in West Texas is as good as any:
If it starts leaking, maybe it will not kill quite as many.

Some politicians say,"radioactive waste disposal is safe as can be".
Then why don't they dispose of it in Austin or Washington D.C?

Do the politicians and big business care or even really know?
They can contaminate our water all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.

Big business and a few politicians are for this. We'd better be on guard.
Or we will have a massive radioactive waste dump in our back yard!

A lot of us love West Texas, it is our home and we need to fight.
Lets tell these politicians and big businesses to go find another site.